Thursday, June 25, 2009

Holy Hollywood Rapture!

David Carradine, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and now Michael Jackson! Can you imagine the party that's going on at the pearly gates??

Used to be, we thought about that part of theology that describes this thing called "the rapture," so I've used the term loosely in this case, but it as always seems strange that celebs file into Heaven three at a this case four. This time it looks like Heaven couldn't wait.

As one who likes to look at the sunny side of life, I imagine the rafters must be shaking with the latest Hollywood death toll. I mean ONE BIG PARTY.

What do you want your passing to be like? Think of it....A party with all your deceased relatives, friends and (why not?) favorite celebs there to usher you into the next realm....seems an awful lot like a the finest, swankiest party with only the best, except this time, YOU are the real star.

In some ways, I can't hep but think these deaths seem premature in some ways, if only for the number of years the aforementioned folks had lived their paparazzi-filled existence. Ed McMahon being the one exception as one who lived the fullest. I must also believe regardless of age, I would wager all the others were not short of living life to the fullest, with all the trimmings.

We have been entertained by you. Godspeed to you all!

Image of Heaven © Jim Warren


jiggins said...

i'll tell ya.. recently.. life has become even more precious to me.. but as I age and grow and learn.. i realize it will most likely 'end' in a most unexpected way.. so I do my best to be me while I am on this plane.. and work for the best!

Splitting Tens

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