Thursday, June 4, 2009

Favorite books and teachers

The Power of Now, Bob Burn's Basement, Night of the Tiki, I-Ching, The Secret, Change Your Thoughts; Change Your Life, Tao, California in the 50s, The Bible,Blast Off, The Art of the Incredibles, Tiki Road Trip, The Power of Intention, The Secret Language of Birthdays, (currently reading) Don't Get Too Comfortable, Excuses Begone, anything Wayne Dyer writes changes me.

Dan Peeler teaches me to learn AND retain new information about God, theology, thinking. Further, the things we "choose" to see in this world are tainted; they become our very own custom-made, personal doctrines which are as diverse and plentiful as there are people.

My partner Alvaro, teaches me to live as much within my means as possible and do what you must do, no matter what others say or think. Work hard; make sacrifices.

And finally, everything Dr. Steve Sprinkle writes enlightens me and changes my perspective; in that the reality of our world sometimes isn't happy or upbeat, as I like to be. Bad things happen to good people. I learn why humankind must evolve or we will all die horribly as so many young people have and about whom he writes and honors daily.

In all things we must "do the right thing" which is different for everybody.

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Linda S. Socha said...

Great Post! I love your reading list and am glad to have found this post.

I am writing about dreaming as I think it is relevant for direction and self understanding. I would love your thoughts about it