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Dragons of Romania

Dragons of Romania
Official Blog of the Dragon/Human Alliance
Humans and Dragons United
for the Preservation of our Planet

Regular contributors to this Blog, along with several other dragons, are Lumea Veche, ancient teacher of the dragons and his student Tanarul, whose stories can be found in the Dragons of Romania Book Series.

Our principle human content providers are Lucian of Romania and Makeda of Ethiopia. American correspondents include Dan Peeler and Charlie Rose, who chronicle the efforts of Lumea and his tireless companions.

Lucian of Romania is the original human founder of the Dragon/Human Alliance. His recollections of his association with dragons are written both in the English language and in Romanian, for the benefit of our readers. Not all dragons understand English, but all of them speak Romanian.

Latest from Lucian

The first dragon I ever met in person was my dear Cosmina. She is a grand daughter of the famous dragon from the St. George stories. Cosmina is an Argus Dragon, named after the Greek monster Argus, who had a hundred eyes. Her species has many glowing eye patterns on their wings. I had been walking in the woods the day we met. Cosmina found me lying unconscious under a tree. I had stepped in a hole and had hit my head on a rock. When I woke up all I could see was a cave full of glowing eyes. Then she folded her wings and I saw that I was in the presence of a very ferocious-looking Dragon. I was terrified. (To be continued)

Noutăți de la Lucian

Noutăți de la Lucian: Primul dragon pe care l-am întâlnit în realitate a fost draga mea Cosmina. Ea este strănepoata dragonului din cunoscuta poveste a Sf. Gheorghe. Cosmina este un dragon Argus, numit după monstrul grec Argus, care avea o suta de ochi. So, Specia ei are multe modele diferite de ochi pe aripi. Mă plimbam prin pădure în ziua în care ne-am cunoscut. Cosmina m-a găsit întins pe iarba fără cunoștință. Am călcat într-o groapa și m-am lovit la cap. Când m-am trezit tot ce puteam vedea era o peșteră plină de ochi strălucitori. Apoi și-a îndoit aripile și mi-am dat seama ca sunt în prezența unui dragon înspăimântător. Eram terifiat. (Va continua)


By Makeda of Ethiopia, founding Member of the Dragon/Human Allaince

When I was a little girl, growing up in Ethiopia, I would never have dreamed that someday a dragon would ask me to write his story on a blogspot. Tanarul is far too humble to write anything about himself. He prefers to express his thoughts and feelings through his art. I love looking at all of his sketches of the many members of his dragon family. He draws all of them in claw-and-ink. Actually, I should say “claw and black dragon blood.” Dragons are really dedicated to their art.

Tanarul is about two hundred years old. I know that sounds ancient to humans, but he’s very young for a dragon. His species can live thousands or even millions of years. He is a great friend to humans. He really enjoys our company since we look at him as our older and wiser advisor. The elder dragons consider him to be a child, but dragons do show a lot of respect to their children.

I first met Tanarul in Romania at the meeting of the Cave of the Dragons two years ago. I was there with my friend Lucian and several other human guests at a meeting of the Council of Dragons. It was at that meeting when he and Lucian came up with the idea of forming the Dragon/Human Alliance.

There are a lot of things I like about Tanarul. He’s very brave, he’s a good detective and he’s pretty funny. If I had to choose what I like about him best, though, it would be his compassion. He grieves for any of his friends who might be in any trouble, and he grieves for the planet, itself. He wants it to be well again, just like I do. In his travels with Lumea Veche, Tanarul has seen, first hand, all the problems that we humans have caused in the ecology, and he wants to do something about it. I think he will!

Lumea Veche

By Vladimir of the Dacian Dragons, Storyteller and Historian

There is not a dragon in the world who has not heard of Lumea Veche, and many of them know him personally. That’s not an exaggeration. Considering my friend Lumea was born in the Cretaceous Era and has always done a lot of traveling, he has met just about every dragon on the planet. A great number of them have been his students, and have joined him in his world tours, to learn about the vast numbers of species in our large family.
I met Lumea when I was young, myself, about 1,800 years ago, but in spite of the differences in our ages, we have become close friends. His recollections of cavorting with his Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus neighbors have become the source of my best stories. The thing that I admire the most about Lumea, however, is not his age, but his wisdom. I’ve heard him say many times that Wisdom is not always the constant companion of Age, but in his case, it is.

Lumea has to be the most respected member of our large family of dragons. He is known to most of them as The Professor, the ultimate dispenser of wisdom, but Lumea has no use for titles and praise. The truly wise among us never do.

For years, after the human population began multiplying a causing trouble for both themselves and dragons, Lumea thought it best for dragons to keep their distance from the world of people.  He was quite satisfied with being considered a myth. He had no doubt they would eventually go the way of the dinosaurs and dragons would enjoy a peaceful planet again.

But about two years ago, thanks to his student, Tanarul, Lumea changed his mind. With his support, the Dragon/Human Alliance was born.