Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This Queen Loves Tiki

(http://www.arkivatropika.com/) and I noticed a particularly interesting drink called a Susie Wong in another (very familiar to me) art deco glass mug or chalice.

Being an old Disney fan and also an animator, I remembered seeing the Evil Queen from Disney's Snow White drink her magic potion from a similar mug to transform herself into the old hag.

Fast-forward -- OMG! Did the animators who conceived this scene go to Tiki Bars???? Were there such things as Tiki Bars in 1936? And if there were -- how cool is that??? Now, I want one of those goblets!!!!

Wait a sec.... if you drink Susie Wongs, will you become an old hag????
No. But it sure makes old hags look better.

Trader Vics anyone?

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