Thursday, April 16, 2009

That old thing called etiquette

etiquette |ˈetikit; -ˌket|
the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group.

Better known as Customer Service with a smile.

Is it just me? What is happening (has been happening) to customer service? I was standing in Frye's electronics waiting my turn to be directed to the next available cashier. The guy doing the deed was so busy texting, the cashier had to signal me himself. Jeez! I wanted to say something, but what do say "Think!" or maybe "Hello???" "Thanks for nothing."

But it's not just that.

A guy cut me off in traffic and then acted like I was in his way as he barely missed my front fender. I raised my arms as in "WTF?" and he gave it right back and proceeded to do that to another 7 or 8 cars ahead. "WTF" indeed.

McDonalds: Went back to the store that forgot my hashbrowns....yeah...they are THAT good. I got a "sorry 'bout that." What I wanted was, "Did you have to drive all the way back here because we screwed up?'s a free (something because WE blew it)"

Popeyes (yeah I eat out a lot) forgot cole slaw. I go back without my receipt and tell them and you think the $1.19 for the slaw was pure gold. "Sorry, not without your receipt." as if to say, yeah, you must be lying to us so prove it." They don't even serve Spinach and it's called freakin POPEYES! WTF???

Okay, so fast food is just the shits to work at. And God knows some just bounce from one fast food to the other for I guess and the people who eat there (like me) are really just looking for trouble.....Oh, okay I'll stop here. Epiphany realized. I feel ummmm... better?

God bless all you golden archers....I'll be back. Who am I kidding?

--Former Pizza Hut employee.

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