Monday, March 16, 2009

Happiness NOW!

Turning the whine button off now. And in the further midst of turning off the noise and voices from the world and in my head, I've decided today to be really happy despite my inner ramblings. I am happy because I know whatever negative thinking may be attempting to take root is ABSOLUTELY temporary. It is for you too.

Why write this? Because I know somebody else is in deeper despair than I was feeling a few minutes ago. I am not without work and there is plenty to do as a volunteer for any number of local charities. I have the ability to quickly raise for our company large sums of money and donate my time and resources. These things help my world become a better place.

I am traveling on a future time line which is in itself a mere illusion. I'm fast-forwarding to the place when I am basking in the millions that I'm creating today as a result of my good and faithful work, just by changing my thinking. I have so many resources, I'm not sure which to go with first, so I'm choosing the best thing for this moment.

I choose happiness over depression and action over complacency.

It's that simple.

Create a great day for yourself as I have done.

Eat a peanut butter and honey sandwich on 9-grain bread along with some celery.
Eat some foods that automatically make you feel better immediately. Avoid junk. Eat something healthy and that you'll be happy to reflect on later. Or give of your time to somebody who needs it. It is a scientific fact that our brain LOVES when we are cheerful givers. We feel better when we give, more so than when we receive.

Whatever you decide to do....start by being happy now.


Linda S. Socha said...

Great...and true Post! This is such a good reminder and we all need those. I appreciate your well written posts!

Scudder said...

Hey Linda! Thank you.Sorry I haven't checked in sooner...been busy which is GREAT! I really appreciate your comments tho. Smiles! Charlie