Thursday, February 5, 2009

Post blogging blues

I am missing my blog community and just plain writing. The month of January I was sick with a chest cold....had it twice...and still I had lots of work, which is good.

I am delighted to have a new president and yet still amazed at how people are so accepting, even my Republican friends. I am also amazed at his use of the English language, his intellect and matter-of-fact way he has of handling anything. I know he's not perfect, but he is the complete opposite of what we had for eight years. The weird thing is, I got so used to watching Jon Stewart rip W, I'm afraid their comic material will be lacking for decent "slam content." There's always Steven Colbert Report, tho. Goody.

I've seen some cool new things on History and Science Channel...both coming up with new programs and continually updating their science data. I'm looking forward to a new show called "How The Earth Was Made." I've seen two versions of this before, but evidently they have enough material to have created a series. Cool.

Tonight I caught up with Smallville. (SPOILER ALERT) A classic comic villain "The Toyman" made his debut. Plus we got a lot of a shirtless, hunky Green Arrow in the hospital. And finally Lana has to leave again. All that eternal smooching and "I love yous" was starting to get to me again. Clark even bangs her at the beginning via sound effects through the wall. My "chick-flick loving" partner even said "ENOUGH ALREADY!" Agreed. Kristen is a fantastic actress, but sorry, I'm a superhero geek from the word "GO!" and I need me some super powers and costumed heroes...kissin' or not! Yeesh.

Meanwhile, at our company...that's the two of us.....we're creating a graphic Time Line showing overlapping Bible characters (some real, some fictional-since we're not literalists) along with world events and real people. It's very fun, for example, to see when the Polynesians first settled in Hawaii and other highlights of the 3rd Century. Can you say ka'mana'wanalaya?

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