Sunday, February 8, 2009

After-life Tour Guide

Recently, I accepted the possibility that my dreams are a window to other dimensions, not just my brain working out the kinks for the previous day or recent past. I have allowed myself to look at my dreams as visits to other parallel worlds none of which I can either prove nor disprove.

Through this I have been able to begin experiencing lucid dreams, that is, dreams I can pick up from where I left off, usually from the same nights' dream. It's a fun journey and if your one who usually has positive, happy dreams, I highly recommend as an experiment for you.

While I'm continuing, I've been thinking about the afterlife and what it might be like. First I assume it could be very personalized, giving each dead person their own mystical take on the way they feel things ought to be.

In any case, when we die, I feel there has to be some sort of transition period; a time when we adjust to our new surroundings and become acquainted with the here-after. Make sense? Since we all have functionality of one kind or another...either jobs or things that occupy our time, it seems like an interesting spiritual aspect of functionality after we're no longer living in this physical realm.

One job I'd like to have would be the tour guide, showing freshly dead people their new home and the ins and outs of living in the new dimension...or at least in "a" new dimension, if millions upon millions of them co-exist anyway.

Maybe it would look something like this.

Hi my name is Charlie. Welcome to the after-life; a creation of your own unique design, desires and tastes. While the over-all look and architecture of your new home is what you'd like it to be. There are a few laws in place that are consistent with each personal utopia dimension AKA Heaven.

1. You may not time travel since time here does not exist.

2. You may visit with anyone you can think of, not only those who have already past but you may enter into living human's dream world as they sleep, approach mortality, or are unconscious.

3. Your travels are not limited to Earth and human beings minds; you may travel anywhere in the Multiverse.

4. Any appearances you make to living people may only be to help them learn, evolve and have better lives, whether they choose to follow your example, action or advice.

5. Travel comes to you as easy as a thought or a blink of an eye. You can go as slow as you want or blink through as fast as you can imagine or faster.

6. No matter what problems you had faced while you lived, you still have the opportunity to think and perhaps resolve old human issues without the crude matter that made up your mind and body. Now you are pure Spirit, free to enjoy all of Creation as your Spirit is meant to be.

7. What are you waiting for? Go.

Any of these things might be told to you from a former spouse, close friend or relative. What do you think your after-life will look like?

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