Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dreams: A New Rabbit Hole to The Multi-verse

Question: Are dreams a product of REM sleep or are they an alternate reality; a view into a real "MULTI-verse."

Welcome to my world. I believe everything is connected. Everything. Dreams affect your life, life affects your dreams. I looked up "mystic" and I know I'm one of those.
mystic |╦łmistik|
a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.

I love the last part of that "....truths that are beyond the intellect." Believing myself to be a mystic is the basis of my own personal evolution. Currently, my new area of discovery is the places you go when you are asleep...your own personal dreamworld.

I used to think of dreams as something quite personal, yet containing symbols and revelations that were common to most people who either have them and remember them or not and in which the dream symbols were somewhat standard. Examples of dream symbols include things like snakes, white horses, being naked on stage in front of your family and peers, and so on.

We are told that dreams are a way that our brains process the day, our problems and basically create some sort of balance while we sleep. I still believe this or at least part of this. Studies are beginning to reveal to us through quantum physics, we "live" in an infinite number of worlds via our sleep, but only one physical reality; a concept not unlike one seen in the movie "The Matrix." But I don't wish to peg it like that exactly. Check out Dr. Michio Kaku on the Science Channel sometime and hear more about these mind-blower philosophies.

So, I'm still pondering dreams but for now, I've decided they are indeed part of the multiverse, not just a manifestation of REM sleep.

Side note:
Evidently spell check doesn't recognize this new word "mulitverse" and I'm a bit surprised. I would think "multiverse" would be an automatic addition since "universe" describes one; multi describes many, right? So much for Websters.

Back at the ranch.....My dreams have become a conscious part of my daily living. I feel as though I am able to unravel mysteries of our existence and to begin to answer at least two very human questions, "Why am I here?" and since I am here, "What is my ultimate purpose?" The first part of this answer is simple: to evolve, which takes me to "into what?" That's a little scary. Did anyone ever see that episode of Voyager when Paris and Janeway evolve into their higher selves, which was a some sort of psychic lizard creature? What next "Godzillaaaaaah!"

When I dream, I rarely have bad dreams unless I've eaten too late, had a cocktail (or three) or have some other situation going on such as a sinus cold, etc. (I hate those nasty, bad dreams that happen when your nose is stuffed up creating oxygen deficiency) In fact, lately I've been dreaming about the most positive things and places. I awaken feeling great and ready to create a new day.

I'll stop here for now. Bedtime. I'm hoping I get another flight dream. Last time I would have sworn I could fly like Clark on "Smallville."

Do you believe your dreams are portals to other real dimensions?

RABBIT HOLE TEST for yourself. When you're getting ready for bed, consciously say to yourself: "I believe my dreams are an alternate universe and it is real." As a disclaimer, I'm not a doctor, nor did I play one on TV, so get advice from a real doctor or sleep guru if you have any doubts about the outcome. Then if you have fantastic results, blog it, baby!

Next blog: What did I dream last?

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jiggins said...

I have a lot of interesting thoughts about our dreams, though I have not done a whole lot of research on it. I will eventually, because it fascinates me. I feel the role of the mystic.. when I am allowing myself to- it often get wrapped up in the bustle of 'modern' society. I have spent days amongst thous that are all higher developed mystics and I can see that such a world can exist.

"....truths that are beyond the intellect." I love that. Good post man.

(yeah I saw that episode of Voyager.. not my favorite.. but it was cool.. ) lol