Sunday, December 14, 2008

Are Our Dreams Really A Parallel Universe?

I had this profound thought today after a long nap...actually I've been thinking about this for a few weeks; Are Our Dreams Really A Parallel Universe? When we think of quantum reality (don't ask me to define it) electro-magnetic impulses which we are told are also our thoughts, I ponder the questions 1. what are dreams and 2. if not then are they other possible places that actually exist. The possibilities are endless, so I want to focus on the dream world as a real place or perhaps many places.

I am fortunate enough to be an artist; a creative thinker. My dream world most often is an inviting place, sometimes challenging. In it I have run at super speed, flown, painted masterpieces which valuing upwards of $10, get the picture. For the most part, it's really a positive place attainable only through deep sleep.

Today, I took a two hour nap. I have been sick almost all week recovering from strep throat. I felt I needed to shut down and heal a little more. I awoke inspired and full of questions about the place I just visited and the strange things I was doing.

I called a friend of mine, whom I had been discussing this parallel universe idea with. He is totally on board. We believe it's real; an alternate world where these things are actually happening. Part of my exploration in this is to give the best definition possible, but I have only myself as an example. Do other people think about this? Do they believe this alternate world exists? We can't prove it. No way, no how. I'm not insane, but others may disagree. So what is it, really?

Since I have only my own dreams to think about as being my personal manifestation, I acknowledge there are millions upon millions of other similar worlds too just by sheer volume of other like-minded people out there. But if it truly exists, it's real for everybody, not just me. Believing it is a whole other subject.

For now, I'm content with pondering, but ultimately, I want to see more about this subject. I think one of the greatest minds of today is Dr. Michio Kaku. I know he would probably agree with the concept and likely, though I haven;t researched it, may have some writings or TV shows about it. I know he has done lots of work and study on parallel universes, but I wonder what he would think of those other worlds in dream land?

I'm going to ask. BRB. I did it. Here it is:


Dear Dr. Kaku,

I'm a huge fan of yours. Like so many people who have posters of Einstein on their walls, I would love to have one of you.
Thank you for opening up new, progressive thinking to the world. I watch your programs regularly. I love to ponder the possibilities of parallel universes (multiverses?).

You may have a program on this already, but I'm wondering this:

What do you think about our dreams being actual parallel universes or alternate realities?
That's my question. I don't know if there's a quick answer you can give it, but I would welcome any answer at all.

You are definitely headed in the right direction, as I am certain you already believe.
Keep up the great work.

I'll be watching.
Thank you for your attention.

Charlie Rose"

I'll post the answer here too. What a cool world we live in...even cooler is the one I dream of.


jiggins said...

Its an interesting theory.. one that I have entertained to some extent at various times in my life, and in my general everyday. I'd have to say, that on the rough outline of the idea, I am on board as well.. though I am not sure whether it is alot simpler than I may believe, or alot more of a long-shot. Eventually we will know I think. Good post. Looking forward to hear what the good doctor says in his reply to your question.

Shadow said...

never call yourself unfortunate to be an artist. never!