Sunday, December 6, 2009

Synesthesia Part 2

There are very distinct smells that go along with other childhood memories. Three favorite brand name smells are Crayola™ Crayons, grape Koolaid/ grape flavored candy, Hershey's chocolate.

A couple non-brand name  smells are Kindergarten class construction paper and tempera paint. At Six Flags, where I worked as a teenager, the smell of creosol  near the train tracks was somehow always a happy least on a cool day.

Last year I blogged about favorite smells and flavors at Christmas time. I remember we would stick our heads in our Christmas stockings and take a big whiff of all the mixed up smells. The olfactory combination contained oranges, peppermints, Hershey kisses (yeah...I LOVE chocolate), walnuts, Klondike bars, Junior Mints, small wrapped packages (cellophane tape?) and finally, the smell of the bright red flannel stocking itself.

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